Creative solutions in high-technology product and services, electronic systems and softwares.



Our mission: offer creative solutions in high-technology products and services in electronic and software embedded systems, reaching our clients expectations, providing an environment for professional and personal growth.

How we began: experienced engineers in aerospace systems started to apply their knowledge to other areas.

Our objective: act as a key-player in the 4.0 industry and IoT products, using our knowledge in the space field to add value in the development of interconnected smart systems.





Sensor Crio

Crio is a new high-tech hardware capable of remotely monitoring the temperature and humidity of environments that need to be rigorously controlled. In addition to being practical as it only requires a wi-fi connection to work, you receive notifications on your smartphone through the Crio App every time there are changes in temperature and humidity.

This innovative solution allows real-time control of the equipment operation and thus does not lose merchandise in case of failures, reducing maintenance costs and increasing energy efficiency.

The Crio sensor can be used in a wide variety of locations, such as home and industrial refrigerators, clean rooms, and blood banks.

Easy to install.

Total autonomy: works with simple AAA batteries.



Engineering Services

Hardware & Software development and integrated systems with :

  • High technical skills,
  • Advanced technologies,
  • Customer focus,
  • Code of Ethics and Compliance.

Support your most complex projects through project management and systems engineering.

Technical Skills

  • LANGUAGES –  C | C++ | Assembly | VHDL | .NET (C#) | Python
  • CONTROL – Subversion | Clearcase | DOORS
  • IDE & TOOLS – Qt | Visual Studio | LabVIEW | MatLab | CADs for HW
  • TESTS – Validation | Verification | Unit Tests | Worst Case
  • RTOS – RTEMS | VxWorks | QNX | LynxOS | OSEK | Safe RTOS
  • STANDARDS – ECSS | CMMI | DO178 | DO297 | ARINC653
  • INTERFACE – MIL-1553B | CAN | Modbus | Profibus | Fieldbus | Ethernet




  • Knowledge to implement complex and critical applications that require high reliability and security.
  • C++ in Qt IDE and embedded software in C on LynxOS.


  • Knowledge to implement applications with a high reliability level.
  • C++ in Qt IDE, embedded software in C for RTEMS and VxWorks RTOS, National Instruments DAQs, cRIO and sbRIO platforms and VHDL for FPGAs.


  • Hardware development with high reliability requirements to ensure inflight safety.
  • Embedded software in C for RTEMS and VxWorks RTOS and electronic hardware skills.


  • Development and integration of software modules for automotive industry.
  • Projects on time for a “no delay tolerance” industry.
  • Embedded software in C for RTOS OSEK and CAN interface.

Going on Projects


IoT R&D: Project in Energy

  • Concept under development : System of connected sensors in order to collect in real-time all critical signals from production groups and other materials. Examples: temperature, humidity, pressure, speed rotation, vibrations, etc.
  • Systems to centralize all this data with an alarm management fully configurable by the user.
  • Easy to install.
  • Expected benefits :
  • Safety of goods and people,
  • Economic gain.

IoT R&D Project: Smart Wine Cellar

  • Concept under development : Create a connected wine cellar.
  • Secure the contents of the cellar. In case of failure, alerts will be sent to the user.
  • Offer a management of the contents of the winery via smartphone
  • Propose a database on wines and consumer advice.
  • Propose an online store selling wines to fill the cellar according to the user profile.


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